Over the past 10 years, I have had a few different opportunities to create motion or video. Some where asked of me through assignments and others were self-initiated. Below are a few of my favorites, some date back to my undergraduate days.


Prompt: Create a black and white video that highlights typography and is timed to music.

Concept, typography, filming, and edit done by myself

All In!

The Prompt: All In! is a concept for a second screen experience to accompany streamed games on Twitch. This video was created in a week as a summary for how the experience would function.

Concept and animation done by myself. Voice over done by Matt Harris.


The Prompt: Can design touch a community's heart?

Concept, execution, and edit by myself | Shot by my husband, Matt


The Prompt: Create a short film; use and manipulate 16mm film [i.e. scratch, burn, bleach, cut, and so on], timed to music and / or sounds.

Concept, execution, and edit by myself

Stealing the Show

The Prompt: Create a short film in which there are two separate screens, that play simultaneously, to emphasize a dynamic between two people.

Concept, shot, and edit was a collaborative effort between myself and Melissa Yeager.

Selected Works

Wade & Wendy: Product Strategy & Visionproduct strategy, ux, animation

Wade & Wendy: Workspaceproduct strategy, ux, product design

Wade & Wendy: Internal Toolingproduct strategy, ux, product design

bricklyProduct & Visual Design

MXD (concept)product design, business design, strategy

Motionvideo editing, animation

Letteringhand lettering, illustration