Hi! I'm Rachel. It's a pleasure to meet you, allow me to introduce myself. I am a...
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who is continually redefining what that actually means

My undergraduate program was focused on graphic design, but that never felt like the right description for me. I gave package design a go for a few years, again something felt forced. I decided to go back to school for a program called Designer as Author + Entrepreneur — things were starting to feel a bit more natural to me. My experience with design and the label designer has ebbed and flowed. Sometimes, I repel the term, belittle it and other times I embrace it.

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I love knitting, lettering, cooking, puzzles, rearranging rooms, going for walks, attempting to garden, attempting to learn Italian, attempting to learn piano, yoga, exploring neighborhoods, and sometimes exercising… sometimes.

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Mom to an awesome baby

She’s great and extraordinarily cute. 2020 has been an adventure for sure.

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Perpetual student

Without defining any kind of goals, I realized that I unintentionally created a pattern where I do at least 1 class for myself each year. Over the past few years, I have taken a lettering class, a typeface design class, a coding bootcamp, a knitting class, a calligraphy class, and a class on Alan Turing and Turing machines. I truly love learning new things, diving deep into a new or forgotten subject matter.

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I have learned that work/life balance means that I absolutely need challenging work in order for a balance to be possible. I would not call myself a workaholic, but even post baby, the answer is pretty definitive that I am at my happiest when I have work that challenges me and forces me to grow. I am most fulfilled when I can review the past “x” amount of time and be able to see some progression of work or growth - whether that’s after 6 months or it’s just at the end of a day.

I also tend to spend time in the metropolis that is Instagram, at times I can be found in the suburbs of LinkedIn, and am usually commuting on the rails of my email